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Camille Correas

Camille Tsvetoukhine

11th March - 15th April 2023


The Myriam Chair gallery invites you to flee the reasonable to experiment Out of Body, a collective exhibition presenting the works of Camille Correas, Laurie Charles and Camille Tsvetoukhine from March 11 to April 15, 2023. 

If the senses became the protagonists of our story for a moment, so naively we let them act, without thinking, what would happen? As if by magic, would it be possible to deconstruct our judgment to switch from a cerebral world to a sensory world? It is in this dynamic that the gallery invites you to experiment Out of body, where the abandonment of the material body means its rediscovery through the senses. During this sensory awakening, you may come across attractive and strange shapes, you may see midwives in full exercise of their functions, smells already smelled but never tamed or even that the object of your gaze look back. 

Laurie Charles, Camille Correas and Camille Tsvetoukhine attempt to reclaim a body that is often rationalized by collective history, behind which individual history is sometimes hidden, a body that is present, palpable and yet neglected. Their work tends to question the physical impact of art on humans, allowing the actor to replace the viewer and to consider the work as a remedy against the inertia of the senses. Each in their own way,they contribute to the creation of an exhibition conceived asa dialogue with healing virtues, where the bodyis both knownpport, interlocutor as well as revealer of dysfunctions.

Serra Bousquet

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