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Myriam Chair

Myriam Chair galerie showcases emerging contemporary creation in all its forms. Painting, drawing, as well as ceramics, textile works, and even olfactory pieces, all these mediums interact and transcend boundaries to allow us to discover a new world of sensitivity.

Sensory, meditative, synesthetic, all these visiting experiences await you at the Myriam Chair gallery.

Myriam Chair opened her gallery in late 2021, after several years of working in the art market, in auction houses and galleries (Almine Rech). She holds a degree in Art Market Law (University Paris II-Assas), Art History specializing in 20th and 21st-century art (La Sorbonne-Paris IV), as well as cultural management (ESCP Europe).

Join Myriam Chair to discover artists from the contemporary French and international art scenes.

Photo Aryle  Nsengiyumva

23 rue des fossés Saint-Jacques, 75005, Paris, France.

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Photo Clément Sauvoy

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