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Works and lives in Paris

Maxime Testu creates paintings on assembled metal plates and ink drawings, bearing witness to his direct environment in a satirical way.

In his work he develops the themes of the artist in his studio and his relationship with Nature, dear to the European avant-gardes.

A painter in prey to the materiality of painting, Maxime Testu plays with the codes of the expressionist painters. He takes us into his universe, painting a fantasy panorama of an economic, geographical and temporal reality.

He studied at the ENSBA in Lyon and at the HEAD in Geneva. He recently participated in the Archipel residency in partnership with the FRAC Grand Large and exhibited at the FRAC of Dunkerque in January 2021.
In 2017 he participated in the 68th edition of Jeune Création at the Beaux-arts de Paris and has exhibited in Geneva, Lausanne, Brussels, Paris and Dijon. He presented his work at the Salon de Montrouge and participated in 2018 in the twentieth prize of the Ricard corporate foundation.

Photo credits: Margot Montigny 

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