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Camille Tsvetoukhine



Born in 1987

Lives and works in Paris



  • Untitled, Cathy Space, guest by Jurgen Dehm, Furth im Wald, De. (coming soon)

  • So it is so even the leaves die here and also, Atelier 8 Bonus, Iles de Nantes, Fr.


  • Art at the center, invited by Sophie Delhasse, Liège, Be.

  • Zauber, Palomar Project, curated by Elena Cardin, Paris, Fr.


  • This is the rhythm of the night, + Jean de Sagazan, Galerie Edouard 

Escoumurs, Nevers, Fr.


  • The iris so dilated plunged us into a black hole, Parc Saint Léger, outside the walls, Nevers, Fr.



  • Sorry I'm Not Photogenic, I prefer physical contact, Les Bains Douches, Alençon, Fr.

  • Becoming impertinent, Zoo Galerie, Nantes, Fr.


  • A showcase, an artist, Galerie Natalie Seroussi, Paris, Fr.

  • The Splash Room, curated by Veronica Valentini, Salon, Madrid, Es.

  • Octave, dance with me, performance, Emma Residency, Matadero, Madrid, Es.

  • How are you?, + Sabrina Soyer, curated by Clothilde Morette, Galerie Interface, Dijon, Fr.



  • Shoes, choose me!, Index 50, Paris, Fr.

  • Sleeper Ship, invited by Carole Rigaut, Capsule 1.20, Halle Nord, Geneva, Ch.




  • Body Exit, Myriam Chair Gallery, Paris, France


  • The little evolved monkeys, performance, invited by Vincent Verlé, macaque enclosure, Nancy, Fr.

  • Precarious Odyssey, city of the arts, Montmartre, Paris, Fr.

  • Pampilles du nord, performance, invited by Anne-Lou Vicente, Parc de Choisy, Paris, Fr.


  • The Dreams Exhibition, Maison de l'Ours, invited by Kristina Solomoukha and Paolo Codeluppi, Paris, Fr

  • Crisped foods, Atelier Alain le Bras, Nantes, Fr.

  • Achilles and the tortoise, Palette, Rennes, Fr.

  • Journiac Days, performance Luncheon on the Grass, Michel Journiac Gallery, Paris, Fr.


  • Some of us, curated by Jérôme Cotinet, Kunstwerk Carslhütte, Büdelsdorf, De.

  • MAD, invited by 02 editions, Paris, Fr.


  • Swimmers, various facts, performance, Mains d'Oeuvres, St Ouen, Fr. (curator + performance)

  • Continuity, dispersion, performance, invited by Aziyadé Baudouin Talec, À Rodin à Balzac, Paris, Fr.

  • Lobby, Comfort Mental, Paris, Fr.

  • Pre ov ad ob de post, performance, Center d'art Les Capucins, Embrun, Fr.



  • This is not a habitat, performance, Kunsthalle 3000, invited by Thomas Geiger, Paris, Fr.

  • Proxy, curated by Neme Arranz and Vera Kavaleuskaya, Node Gallery, Helsinki, Fi.

  • Collective Intelligence, curated by Yann Chateigné, LiveInYourHead, Geneva, Ch.

  • Concrete Junction Experiment, performance + Eva Taulois, Galerie des Franciscains, St Nazaire, Fr.



  • Blazers / Blasons, invited by Bruno Peinado, Fr.

  • My Beach, performance, Ar Gored, Douarnenez, Fr. (curatorship + performance)

  • Surface Matters, Glassbox, Paris, Fr.

  • Where do the pieces go?, Casa Bolivar, Madrid, Es.

How I lost my Hand, Setu, performance, organized by Marie L'hours + Morgane Besnard, Elliant, Fr.


  • Poppositions Off-Fair, organized by La Houle, La Vallée, Molenbeek, Be.

  • Overdrive, Zoo Galerie, Nantes, Fr.

  • Stone sheet scissors, L'Agence, Paris, Fr.

  • XVII Call, Luis Adelantado gallery, Valencia, Es.



  • Limited Editions, curated by Mathieu Mercier, Piasa, Paris, Fr.

  • Avant-Garden, invited by Cartel de Kunst, La Générale, Sèvres, Fr.

  • YIA, invited by Zoo Galerie, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris, Fr.

  • Haunt Belleville, Biennale de Belleville, Paris, Fr.

  • R4 Festival, video art, La Pagode cinema, Paris, Fr.

  • Fabrica, invited by Quentin Lannes + Laura Vaissade, l--l, Geneva, Ch.

  • The echo / What separates, invited by Bruno Peinado, FRAC des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou, Fr.



  • Never alone again, Standard, Rennes, Fr.

  • Suite, Zoo Galerie, invited by Lili Reynaud Dewar, Nantes, Fr.

  • It's me who chooses, curated by Marc Olivier Wahler, LiveInYourHead, Geneva, Ch.

2012 - Teaching like teenagers, Le Consortium, Dijon, Fr.



  • Bodybuilding, Ours Pistachio, Geneva, Ch.

  • Zimmer Zimmer, Augarten Atelier, Vienna, At.



  • Site Specific, Urgent Paradise, Lausanne, Ch.

  • Cul sec, Halle Nord, Geneva, Ch.

  • New Paradise, Urgent Paradise, Lausanne, Ch.

  • The urbanity of mediums, Backslash Gallery, Paris, Fr.

  • Figures and accessories, Showcase on Courtyard, Angers, Fr.



  • Retrographic exhibition, Gallery 19, Angers, Fr.

  • Dystopia, Château d'Oiron, Oiron, Fr.



2022 - Artistic residence, Bonus workshop, Nantes, Fr.

2019 - Secondary residence, Parc Saint Léger Contemporary Art Center, Pougues-les-Eaux, Fr.

2018 - Powered residency, Mains d'Oeuvres, St Ouen, Fr.

2017 - Research residency, Center d'art Les Capucins, Embrun, Fr.


  • EMMA, Matadero, Madrid, Spain.

  • Woop Boom, Douarnenez, Fr.


2022 - Presentation text on the work of Sophie Cardin. 

2019 - Review Impressions of lives, Vanessa Billy, Parc Saint Léger, 02, issue 90, autumn 2019, Fr.


  • Review Collecting unfinished desire, Angers Museum of Fine Arts, 02, issue 85, spring 2018, Fr.

  • This is Jackelope, issue 0, Madrid, Es.

  • Presentation text for the catalog of the residence Les Arques.



  • Review Domestic objects, FRAC Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 02, issue 81, spring 2017, Fr.

  • How I lost my hand, *DUUU - Radiophonic Units.


2016 - Octave dance with me, Nudo, editorial project developed by Carlos Fernandez-Pello - Julian Cruz.

2013 - Zimmer Zimmer, published for Teaching like teenagers, Le Consortium, Dijon, Fr.

2011 - The designer's contract, Le Gac Press, Fr.





  • Aid for the production of works of art, Fondation des artistes.

  • Individual creation assistance, DRAC Ile de France.


2015 - Individual creation support, DRAC Pays de la Loire.

2013 - New Heads Prize BNP Paribas Art Awards Foundation, Geneva.



2011-13 - Master HES-SO, contemporary artistic practices, HEAD, Geneva, Ch.

2005-10 - ENSBA, visual communication option, Angers, Fr. (DNAP + DNSEP)

2008 - ERG, Brussels, Be. (Erasmus exchange)


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