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Emmanuel Abiteboul


"A golden chrysalis sleeping in soap"

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The work of Emmanuel Abiteboul challenges us. In this block of soap covered with pure pigments, a sleeping chrysalis adorned with gold leaves is preparing for its moult. The sweet fragrance of Petrichor created by Paul Guerlain emanates from the material. Emmanuel Abiteboul has integrated it into his work, which we can activate by breathing its scent.

"Thriae" series

Emmanuel Abiteboul also explores ancient statuary in his series of drawings Thriae. The profane bodies are transformed into sacred bodies, in the grip of a progressive disappearance, inspired by the ancient work Les Danseuses by Delphe. Each work represents one of the three divinities, both a symbol of the plant world and the world of the invisible.  


Made on a verdigris background in dry pastel, the bodies are painted in watercolor. To suggest shadows, the artist used fire to gently burn the paper. The soft colors contrast with the dazzling halo made with white gold leaf on a bright red background.

"Phasma" series

An imprint of a giant stick insect cast in silicone, affixed to the still hot wax, like the body of an insect caught in amber. The mixture of pigments and wax created a sort of worm-eaten wax tablet, as if the insect had eaten the support. Different positions of the insect's body develop in these three works, like the decomposed movement of a dance.  


Petrichor's scent was added along with the other elements that created the wax. A soft and round smell emanates from the works, allowing us to see and smell the perfume again.


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