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Maxime SIMON 

Trained in drawing at the La Cambre school, Maxime Simon places memory at the heart of his work. He creates worlds, drawing on a vast corpus of references, in order to recreate the sensation of a distant memory that resurfaces in the middle of a dream.

His coloured watercolour compositions oscillate between extremely meticulous and highly codified forms and colours and naïve forms and colours, exploring the images and myths on which our identities are built. Often serial, his works are like articulated systems and are intended to be activated by the viewer, whether through movement or physical interaction.

This idea of multiple sensory interactions, through the use of specifically created scents (as in the Petrichor exhibition), variable textures or randomly generated associations as in his Tarot series, aims to redefine the relationship between the viewer/activator and the artwork.

Indeed, for Maxime Simon, the work of art is not only on the canvas, but also in the emotions and thoughts that exist in the viewer's mind when he comes into contact with it. Maxime Simon wishes to create a powerful emotion that will remain with the viewer long after the encounter.


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