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Emmanuel Abiteboul's work was initially built around drawing and then evolved towards other practices such as engraving, sculpture and installation. 


He has built up a phantasmagorical vocabulary of insects, glass, gold, soap and wax, oscillating between nature and the religious world. Through the presence of numerous organic elements (birds, flies, butterflies) in contact with artificial elements such as a motherboard, video or engraving, references to the past (Mantegna, Dürer) are thus confronted with technology. The artist seeks a balance, a sacred geometry between the world of man and the world of nature, without taking a chronological position.



Questions related to the Sacred, devoid of religiosity, and memory inhabit his work, through a game of substitution and incarnation of forms. He borrows a lot from the religious vocabulary and its history, sometimes working directly from emblematic works such as Mantegna's Saint Sebastian. He turns more to the mechanisms of enhancement, rituals, and religious decorum than to faith.

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